We all love to read or do a little bit of poetry in our entire life. Poets and their poems are interlinks to expressing the elaborateness of life. Poetry can be so wonderful, balanced, and significant. Sometimes they bring happiness, sometimes they bring tears and sometimes they appear to mirror the facts of our own life.

This page represents some of the meaningful poem lyrics of famous poets around the world. Lyrics Hindi Songs tried to make a list of meaningful poems and their lyrics with the poet’s information. Click on any poem name, it will take to the particular poem lyrics page.

Top 50 Greatest English Poem Lyrics

The below list contains the poem lyrics of the top 50 greatest poems ever written. Click on the poem name, it will take to the particular poem lyrics page.

Name of The PoemPoet Name
The Road Not TakenRobert Frost
The New ColossusEmma Lazarus
OzymandiasPercy Shelley
Ode on a Grecian UrnJoh Keats
On His BlindnessJohn Milton
I Wandered Lonely As a CloudWilliam Wordsworth
Death Be Not ProudJohn Donne
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s dayWilliam Shakespeare
The Red WheelbarrowWilliam Carlos Williams
The Waste LandT.S. Eliot
We Real CoolGwendolyn Brooks
One ArtElizabeth Bishop
Because I could not stop for DeathEmily Dickinson
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a BlackbirdWallace Stevens

Top 50 Greatest Hindi Poem Lyrics

Name of The PoemPoet Name
Sarfaroshi Ki TamannaRam Prasad Bismil
AgneepathHarivansh Rai bachchan

Top 50 Greatest Bengali Poem Lyrics

Name of The PoemPoet Name
Chitto Jetha BhayshunyoRabindranath Tagore
MeghbalikaJoy Goswami
Dui Bigha JomiRabindranath Tagore
VocationRabindranath Tagore
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