Joy Goswami Kobita Benimadhab বেণীমাধব Lyrics

Joy Goswami, an Indian poet is widely considered as one of the most important Bengali poets of his generation. In the year of 1954, 10th November Indian Bengali poet Joy Goswami (জয় গোস্বামী) was born. He was honored with many popular awards like Banga Bibhushan and Moortidevi Award. Joy Goswami kobita Benimadhab Benimadhab Tomar Bari Jabo (বেণীমাধব বেণীমাধব তোমার বাড়ি যাবো) kobita lyrics is very popular as a Bengali romantic poem.

Read the lyrics of Joy Goswami poem বেণীমাধব বেণীমাধব in Bengali and English font. Also, download this Bangla kobita into a pdf file.

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